Archaeological Survey in Ashiestiel

Archaeological Survey in Ashiestiel

If you are in need of an Archaeological Survey in the UK, please complete our contact form now and we will be able to provide you with details on costs.

Types of Archaeological Survey in Ashiestiel

Types of Archaeological Survey in Ashiestiel

There are a number of different types of archaeological survey that may be required when building a new project. Please get in touch for details on the costs associated with the various surveys.

Archaeological Field Survey in Ashiestiel

Archaeological Field Survey in Ashiestiel

If you wish to find out more about the costs of our archaeological field survey, please fill in our contact form now and we will be able to get back to you with a quotation.

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Archaeological Survey in Ashiestiel

If you are undertaking any kind of building project then you’ll want to know what it is you’re building on. An archaeological survey in Ashiestiel TD1 3 is not only a good idea, it’s completely necessary.

Developers are required to conduct an archaeological report by law and report the findings before conducting any type of work.

Whether it is pre construct or a different survey, our team are experts.

The reason for this is to see if there are any potential hidden problems that the project could run into such as subsidence, drainage problems or even an unexploded bomb from the war.

The types of surveys required may vary depending upon the type and scale of the project being proposed, but in essence, it will contain information not only about below the ground but above it too.

An exhaustive report must be written, submitted and approved before permission is granted to continue with the project.

Our archaeologists have years of experience between them and know exactly what to look for and what documentation needs to be submitted for your project to begin - on time and on budget.

If you are interested to find out about prices, please complete our contact form now and we will be able to get a quote to you.

Types of Archaeological Survey

There are a variety of different types of archaeological survey that can be performed, including;

  • Drainage and flood risk
  • Contamination
  • Noise
  • Highways and Transportation
  • Air Quality
  • Conservation and Heritage
  • Impact on the environment assessment
  • Minerals and Waste
  • Visual Impact and the Landscape

These are all important factors to consider when undertaking any new project. Local and surrounding areas may be impacted by increased traffic, nearby beauty spots may be affected and local heritage may be at risk to make way for a new venture.

All of this must be analysed and considered before your project can be given the go-ahead. This is what your report will uncover.

You will need to enlist the help of an archaeologist or archaeologists that can perform the archaeological survey in Ashiestiel TD1 3 with the minimum of fuss and interference.

Any delays to a project can prove costly, so by hiring a firm that is fully experienced in these matters you can save yourself a lot of potential headaches and extraneous costs.

Archaeological Field Survey

An archaeological field survey is the process of an archaeologist collecting information about an area that is the site of a new project.

The project itself could be a new green landscape, it could be a building or cluster of buildings or even a new traffic access route, but it still has to have an archaeological report done regardless.

The survey includes looking into;

  • Earthworks
  • Walkover
  • Contour
  • Previous building plans
  • Noting observations about the site
  • Taking note of, and working in conjunction with, the National Grid

It is designed to take note of all the aspects of the site, from previous human occupancy to naturally occurring details. The more information that is known about a site, the less chance there is for costly disruption.

It also shows that the contractors have done everything within their power to make sure that the project is feasible and will cause the minimum amount of disruption to anything in situ in the surrounding areas.

Archaeological Survey Costs in Ashiestiel

Archaeological survey costs in Ashiestiel TD1 3 will vary on a number of factors. Size is obviously the main consideration, as every project varies in scale.

The more time and extensive reporting that is required, the more expensive the service will be. Having said this, the archaeological report is not something that you can skimp on to save a few pounds.

Finding a professional team with a good reputation for getting results quickly will be worth more in time saved in the long run.

The best thing to do is to complete the attached form with an idea of the scale of your project and what services you require. We can then get back to you with a better idea of costs and advise you further on anything else that you may require.

How Much does an Archaeological Dig Cost?

If you were wondering how much does an archaeological dig cost, it depends on a number of things. These may include;

  • The size of the site
  • The location of the site
  • Which services are required
  • How many archaeologists will be needed to conduct the surveys
  • Timescale
  • If the archaeologists find something that needs closer scrutinisation and additional investigation

With any project, the last thing you want is any unforeseen circumstances either putting the project on hold or even worse, putting a halt to it altogether. This could cost untold added amounts of expense and could even make the project economically unviable.

The report is designed to pick up anything that would fall into this category. It could be that earthworks on the site unexpectedly leads to a long-forgotten heritage site and the project has to be re-thought.

Surveys can show if the land is prone to subsidence if the new project will add or detract from the local economy, and even the impact it could have on the environment in regards to air and noise pollution, and what the loss of habitat might mean for local wildlife.

All of these potential factors can impact on a project, so by getting an archaeological report done at the beginning, it can save a phenomenal amount of time and money. Speak to one of our team if you are concerned about how survey costs could impact your budget and they can put your mind at ease by providing a competitive quote.

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If you are looking for the best possible archaeologists near me ( or the closest firm that can provide you with a professional survey, then enquire now with an idea of what services you require.

We understand that projects come in all shapes and sizes and with a multitude of different purposes, so it’s important for us to know the type of project that needs surveying. You can be assured of the high possible level of professionalism and a report that covers absolutely everything that is required to get your project off the ground.

If you have any questions about aspects of an archaeological survey in Ashiestiel TD1 3 then we will gladly answer these and give any advice that you need.

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