Archaeology Companies in Newry and Mourne

Archaeology Companies in Newry and Mourne

If you are searching for archaeology companies in the UK, our team can offer you the very best services at reasonable prices.

Archaeologist Company in Newry and Mourne

Archaeologist Company in Newry and Mourne

We are a professional archaeologist company in the UK that offer superb services at fantastic prices. Please get in touch now for more information.

Archaeology Consultants in Newry and Mourne

Archaeology Consultants in Newry and Mourne

We have a range of archaeology consultants in the UK that can come to your site and sort out a site survey. If this is needed, please complete our contact form now.

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Archaeology Companies in Newry and Mourne

If you are taking on any form of large-scale building work then by law you will need to have an archaeological survey performed. Archaeology companies in Newry and Mourne BT35 0 will conduct a series of tests to determine that the land meets certain criteria in order for it to proceed as planned.

Of course, there is a wide range of projects that they have to contend with and each one will require something slightly different.

What they are looking for is the impact that humans have already had on the site and any naturally occurring factors that could be an issue, such as drainage issues or environmental factors.


The archaeologist will complete a variety of invasive and non-invasive investigations to determine that a site is a viable option. This may include setting up, applying for and completing;

  • A written version of the investigation
  • Undertaking geophysics, earthworks and other topographical surveys
  • Excavation if required
  • Trenching
  • Fieldwalking

Much will depend upon the nature of the project, if you need a local archaeology company to conduct a survey on a site nearby, then please get in touch for further information.

Archaeologists Near Me

If you need to find archaeologists near me to conduct a survey on a project then you’ve come to the right place.

Finding an archaeology company isn’t very difficult, but finding one with the experience and reputation to perform the required surveys with the minimum of disruption to the project is somewhat more difficult.

The types of surveys that need to be completed are an essential part of any project. Not only do they display diligence but they are also invaluable at finding potential pitfalls that would not have been picked up any other way.

They can identify anything from the impact that increased noise pollution from the new site would have on residents and wildlife in the surrounding areas, to issues with earthwork deposits containing something of historical significance.

All of these issues are equally as important as each other, as any one of them potentially has the power to stop a project in its tracks.

Therefore, finding archaeologists in Newry and Mourne BT35 0 that can perform their duties with the minimum amount of disruption to the timescale and budget of a project is invaluable.

Archaeologist Company

Using the archaeologist company that is closest to a proposed new building site may not be the best for all concerned. There are so many important surveys and criteria that have to be fulfilled that it’s more a point of getting the right people for the job than the closest.

Archaeological surveys involve a great many different areas that must be checked out including;

  • The impact on the environment -This is everything from noise and air pollution to how the proposed new site will appear and interact with the surrounding area
  • Highways agency - How will the new project affect traffic levels and how much will locals be inconvenienced by it?
  • Drainage - Is the area a flood risk or will the area have to be substantially altered to take this into account?
  • Heritage - Do aspects of the site need to remain untouched due to conservation concerns? Could the site already potential be an area of heritage interest where preservation of what lies beneath outweighs the importance of the new project?

Finding a company that can take on this monumental task and deliver results on time is essential for any project. The ramifications of the project being held up due to complications caused by the archaeological surveys can be catastrophic for the budget.

If you need archaeological companies that will get the job done with the minimum of interference then call us to discuss your options further.

What is an Archaeologist?

When the word ‘archaeologist’ is mentioned most people think of Indiana Jones or Jurassic Park! The reality, however, is somewhat different.

So, what is an archaeologist? An archaeologist is someone who investigates and surveys the past activity of a site through what is preserved there using a variety of different methodologies.

This can range from ‘field walking’, which involves walking through a site and collecting surface information, to procedures that require digging to excavate something that may have an impact on the new project.

Put simply, it is an archaeologists job to determine whether the new site is viable or not. It is their survey and report of the area that granting planning permission will be decided upon, so their findings are incredibly important to the future of a project.

A good archaeologist has to be patient, fastidious and enjoy what they do. 

Archaeology Consultants

A good team of archaeology consultants can mean the difference between a project getting the go ahead and it being scrapped altogether. They correlate the information that is required before planning permission is approved and building can take place.

Whether it is a pre construct or any other sort of survey, we can help.

Archaeology companies in Newry and Mourne BT35 0 will use a variety of methods to determine what the site is like and whether they foresee any problems that will arise from what they find.

They will report on what the existing site is like in its present state, to what it would be like once the new project has been completed. This will include issues such as drainage, the environmental impact and whether the finished site will be sympathetic to its surroundings which can be everything from how it looks to what will be lost once it is there.

Archaeological Consultancy Services in Newry and Mourne

Archaeological consultancy services are an integral part of any building project, so it only makes sense to take the time to find a team that can get the job done and that will work with you if any issues do arise.

With so many factors in play that could affect the outcome of the project being greenlit to break ground, you need a team of people that are the best at what they do.

The cost of an archaeological survey will vary depending on quite a few factors, but the one thing that should be at the top of the list is a professional team that can keep the project on course.

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